UK Meet 2014 Registration is open!

Venite tutti al UK UK Meet 2014, dal 6 all’8 giugno, a Bristol!

UK GLBTQ Fiction Meet

Registration for UK Meet 2014 in Bristol is now OPEN!

This year Jo Myles has handed over the blog to Liam Livings, so take it away Liam…


*does a twirl* lovely to see you all!
*biting lip* You’ll be gentle with me on the blog won’t you? You will, that’s kind of you :).

So, at the planning meeting I turned up in my Buddy Holly glasses and a red striped top. After a while, Charlie Cochrane said we had to talk about the elephant in the room, the fact that I looked just like Wally, from Where’s Wally. When I looked in the mirror I had to agree with her.

We had a productive day’s planning – even if I had to make do and only bring *coughs* shop bought cake, and now I’m pleased to announce that registration and ticket sales open from Monday 7 October.


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